Review and Catch Up……

First quite literal review – Iron Man 3 was utter garbage, good and bad thing about blogs is you can see your thoughts over a time line, and look a few blogs back, fuck I was excited, and how utterly fucking disappointed I was.

Do not under any circumstances ever take a beloved series or character, and change its core principle or characters, that’s why it sucked in a nutshell… this gets it pretty right –

So to catch up, I moved away from Bristol for a few contributing factors, briefly they were

Psycho Housemate

Asked me to help her through a Psychotic episode then spent an hour explaining how her other housemates would have had to call an ambulance and not leave her with sharp objects,   That was with about 3 days left, I was having Murtaugh syndrome and half expecting to be taken out by psycho posh girl or an angry South African ric…….oh never mind your probably to young to get the reference DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY.

So the usual Dai-me line is – finish job on own terms – have two weeks of enjoying being off – realise i’m skint – find job quickly because jobs are not hard to come by if you put some effort in.

I thought things were a little to convenient when I took an interview in a job that resembled my Australia job on paper, Digital Content, did the interview,  strictly talked about Digital, nice boss, turns out I knew what I was talking about.

I’ll happily admit I don’t pay enough attention to certain things, one of them being money, it’s just money, but I just saw I was getting paid 18000 pounds a year, and thought “this will do” and at no point noticed the OTE at the end…… when we sat down to watch a scene from Glengarry GlenRoss as a training exercise it dawned on me

“I’d taken a sales job”

That week was possibly the longest first week of my life, I was enjoying training to a point, because at 32 I know training is pointless, I learn by doing, and I figured  I had a week until the work started.  First two days I was crap and wanted to quit…

I’m pretty amazed 3 weeks later, its the most engaged I have ever been in a job.  On a personal level everyone in my office is tidy, lots of nice people, no arseholes so far, my boss is pretty supportive.  It never occurred to me that to be good at sales, 95 percent of the skill is being able to strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know.  Fuck, I can do that, seriously I could make a documentary just about the conversations I’ve had on the train!!

I am enjoying it, I still know I’m not a salesman, I don’t sell, but I can talk to people about how good my place of work is, and they seem to go for it, its telling the truth, so I can live with that, what I imagine will eventually do me in is the targets thing.

Fact is if no-one wants to buy something, I don’t think you should make them, if my pay depends on me making one person who doesn’t have 70 quid, spend 70 quid because I convinced them to, I’m not sure what sort of person that makes me.  But at least I can be broke and guilt free..

Personal life is pretty crap.

I miss my Australian family, my friends and family here don’t need me here, they are all getting married, having kids, enjoying retirement or knee deep in making life choices, all things I should be doing, instead I’m just counting the days down until I can move back to Sydney and be with my other family and close ones, because my oldest friends get I loved it and its not a commentary on my love for them, just that I hate being back to square one here.

I can still chat to some of my Aussie mates like it was yesterday, when in truth its going to have been a year in November.

I have started a project for Edinburgh Festival, but as my musical accompaniment is getting married, that may be a stumbling block, a great one, but I can’t really use up any of his time to help, that would be pretty selfish…..

Anyhow’s, needed to get out of my own head for a few minutes, back to work tomorrow to hit targets and be nice to folks on the phone…….


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