A great few weeks

So there was the Warsaw expedition, I travelled with my oldest friends Simon, James and Horse otherwise known has Nicholas, and my little brother adam, who at 26 isnt so little but still argues like hes 5 and im 10 and thats MY FUCKING MARS BAR.

 I dont know what happened in Warsaw, well no I do, it was cluster fucked like Justin Bieber in prison to all buggery in the 40’s, but I dont get how that has left it seemingly teeming with nothing but genetically beautiful women. I jokingly said I would time how long it took to see another good looking woman, on average 17 seconds, and this was in minus five on a Monday afternoon when presumably most people were in work, so had we been there on a Friday or saturday afternoon I can only imagine I would have left of a trail of sweat and exuberance (yes thats what we are calling it)…..

So its still a really cheap place to drink, which got me thinking, in such a poor economy over in the UK why dont Britain adopt the same approach.


Ok already I know that every spastic and their brother, who have never been out or got drunk, or just drink with friends in the corner would scream “no but if you make pubs really cheap, then everyone will get so drunk the country will end and everyone will get injured and hurt, and it will be chaos”, to that I say 1. No it wont, because it wasnt in the 90’s when we all did it 2. The legal age is 18 because when you are 18 you are supposed to be responsible for yourself, even when you drink, and if you do to much of it, well thats what trained bar staff and bouncers are for, to stop you drinking.

The trouble is Britain has it backwards, the beer makers have to account for tax increases, which Parliament put on to get more money from a source of revenue that will not really ever stop delivering, however they did it the wrong way round, they should be raising taxes on supermarket booze.  

With bars and clubs closing, lowering the cost of alcohol in an environment that is both supervised and largely attended by adults who can cull their own, puts money back into the pubs and clubs, keeps jobs, makes a few more jobs, and keeps Britain spending, the knock on is yes you might get more drunk people, but sorry you have to trust adults to be adults and if you cant, then thats their parents and peers problem, its how you learn, making mistakes, and besides, where are you more likely to be supervised, in a bar or pub or night club (where your main goal is to stay mildly cognisant in front of the opposite sex) or in your living room with your friends with no limit on how much you can drink, and no readily available source of authority.

Also by increasing the cost of alcohol in supermarkets you largely cut off the source of alcohol from the biggest nuisance to drinkers, the public drunk.

Honestly whats more hassle and more “oh fuck I have to walk past that” a pub, or a group of 17 year olds drink a 2 litre bottle of cider they bought 2.50…. also being able to buy alcohol so cheaply doesnt exactly help people who are homeless, or have drinking problems, in a pub or bar setting those people cant get served, can be identified by staff and word gets around, and god forbid they stop drinking for a bit and maybe see a different perspective, instead of just taking solace in alcohol.

Truth be told most people who just drink at home dont do it to get smashed, we might have a couple in front of a film, or with friends, or a bottle of wine with your other half, which you would still pay a couple of quid extra for, because you know you dont have to worry about taxi’s, paying for clubs, trains etc, the trade off is the environment your after.

Sorry its all abit rambly, but my basic point here is.

Britain needs businesses to survive, it needs people to want to go out of their houses, drinking shouldnt be the answer, but to some people its a social need to go have a few beers in their local.  Supermarkets dont need beer money to survive, so lets put the beer money where its needed shall we.






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