Ok I got Distracted

Sorry, I was meant to write a bit more but thanks to work, moving and actually making an effort to go meet locals in Bristol, I have not put much thought into uh….thought….

So best part of my week, Iron Man 3 trailer, Movies are finally working out that instead of making movies about Vampire fiction, or big budget films about board games, that comic books are the best option, why 


A. Best writing.  Next to tv series there isnt much more pressing story wise than needing to keep story arcs going bi monthly, and knowing that fans love the characters so specifically, that if they do one wrong, they lose a fan, this means the writers know the characters inside and out, have a good head for what fans expect and enjoy about their characters, and in purely fan terms, will go to any film about it.  Also they constantly reference their pasts, which gives the characters credibility to the fans. Also with most of the characters being decades old, there is the challenge of recreating the characters, and keeping stories fresh or reworking them creatively, one of the best things I read, while not being into comics at the time in the slightest was Old Man Logan, great read, especially if you watched Xmen as a kid.

B.  Creativity, literally nothing you can’t put in, if you can imagine it, and again theres loads of content fans want to see, how do they make the armour work, how do they do the Mandarin etc  I like the batman movies, but they almost made them to …..Real, if thats the right word, part of comic books is that they are meant to be larger than life, and Batman, while is the grittiest comic book character, the villains are meant to be terrifying and larger than life to, I loved Tom Hardy as Bane, but Most people probably wanted to see him 8 foot tall on the steroids, this is partly why Im not looking forward to Justice league, because If its meant to be close to real life, then the villains will probably be close to real life and thats where SUperman becomes the most boring superhero alive because your fully aware that if he wanted to he could rip their arms off, and game over, but never does.

C. Actors, ok some of the actors may be jumping on the band wagon, but the casts have been ridiculously strong every time, Downey Jr has made Tony Stark real, and you get Don Cheadle, Paltrow, Ben Fucking Kingsley.  The actors have a whole bunch of material to dig into, and again the directors they attract are at the top of their game, Nolan Christian Bale, Michael Keaton, Gary Oldman, these are great actors.

FInally – they are the most fun.

my biggest gripe with the Twighlights, the fifty shades of greys, Les mis, Life of Pi, is they are always billed as life changing movies, that are taken way to seriously by fanatics, and in some cases, especially with Twighlight, absolute nut jobs, comic book fans love being comic book fans.  they love that not everyone gets it, and that it is just ever evolving fun and escapism without anyone going “yes wolverine battled the hulk, and thor made a glib comment while smashing the moon, but the message was, dont eat carbs when trying to raise your children…..”

Comic Books have made the cinema an event again, they gross the highest, and are getting kids into actually reading stuff, and its all being done by the best writers, actors and directors out there.  Truly it s an excellent time to be a geek.

If you want to watch something but want it gritty, watch Warner Brothers Dark knight rises 1 & 2, its ridiculously dark, but great to watch.


Yes I know, this is truly the work of a 32 year old fan boy.




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