Ok, so I know work is important, because sadly I cant pay for things with glib or geeky comments…………

But is working strictly to pay for your future career/training, actually a hindrance to looking for the training or work you actually want.

Essentially, to lead a happy life I have to have time to do all of the following – 


Training – I like exercise, playing basketball, weights and generally just want to stay in shape to be healthy, and to be slightly better looking to.

Creative – I used to be really creative, acting mainly, but I have always tried to stay reasonably creative, even if its just writing stupid jokes, just anything to either get a reaction or a laugh, I dont know how this is going to happen going forward, I have written numerous stand up routines, but havnt had the balls to try them, bar one drunken attempt that actually went ok.


Friends – I miss my friends, I know I can make more but in the meantime I miss having them to talk stuff through, my australia friends are really important but I know we will meet again and pick up like it was yesterday, but my UK friends, my old friends, are miles away and in the process of all getting married, kids etc, which is awesome, but I dont want to disturb that.


Having this job means I have had to move to Bristol, because simply there were no jobs forthcoming in Wales, maybe I should have waited until February once the christmas period had died down, but Im impatient and needed money so now Im up here, for pretty shitty money, and living in a nice house with a nice housemate, but its not the same as having a friend near by.


Trouble is by the end of my working day, if i do one of the above needs, thats me done for having time to find another job, until the weekend, I need to make more time, and prioritise my needs going forward, but Im fucked if I know how to do it.

Also my job is kind of soul sucking already, and its not even been a month, so i dont want to fall back in to that old place Apathy, id love to have a self help group of apathy, but trouble is how would I get anyone to show up……

Missed a day, if you are reading this, someone suggest punishment, or solutions to my first world problem.






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