Every day for the next year

This is fairly unfantastic as promises go, but I am going to post everyday for the next year.

A bit about me.

Hi Im Dai, thats short for David in Wales, it doesn’t mean David, just an abbreviation we welsh folk use because David is to long and Dave sounds gay and English, not that I have any problem with Gay people.

So I am just about as much of an every man as is possible, I am 32, 5’8, about a stone heavier than I should be, a few percent over healthy BMI, which apparently is obese, but Ive watched biggest loser, and its a bit unfair to class me as the same, but I would happily eat all their food, so maybe one day if I work at it.

I spend the first 30 years of my life in the Wales, started off trying to be an actor, then a massive bout of meningitis kind of stopped that, and well, I never really carried on, I went to work, and carried on working with no real set goal, except for phrases like “i want to do something”, cropping up in starbucks or wherever.


Last year I made a change and did somethng I wanted to do, and went to Sydney to tgry something new and get a new experience, perspective, maybe just a sun tan, but just a change, and a refresher on how to make friends and be the outgoing bloke I used to be.

Ill get into why I stopped being outgoing at another point, but I have come back from Sydney with a drive to do everything, and Im going to keep a journal on here, for my own sort of progress report, and anyone else who wants to give me shit when I dont report any progress.

My goal at the moment is to get a job that could get me back to Sydney, but in general its just to work in digital content, so as well as posting a blog of sorts, it should ideally contain my progress self teaching HTML5 and if I can find a cheap enough book CSS.

I move into my new house wednesday, this isnt spectacular but it does meet one goal, which was, live with a complete stranger, it sounds odd, but Sydney reminded me that I am a social steve nash, I make friends, I connect friends to each other, and generally can socialise with the best of them (no that doesnt just mean drinking but Im ok at that to, but had to stop…see first paragraph).

So anyways day one of simplest task accomplished post stuff, ha and I didnt say clunge once.





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